“The Power of One can start a movement, but The Power of Many can change the world. Rise to the challenge. Earn your number.”

Gerry Hammond is Founder and CEO of the Be Counted Foundation and In The Number organization.

A nationally recognized visionary, PGA professional, business owner, management executive, motivational mentor and community thought leader, Gerry is committed to designing a global ecosystem comprised of youth, policy influencers, educators and health care providers and others whose strength in numbers will establish a united front of citizens fighting for the equitable distribution of and access to life changing resources.

A native Ohioan and graduate of St. Augustine University in Raleigh, North Carolina, Gerry pursued his dreams and competed as a professional golfer on the national circuit. He joined the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) in 1997 and ascended to its elite “Class A” status.

Gerry’s consistent servant-leadership inspired him to pivot from player to instructor. In 1994, he launched the “Adopt a Junior Golfer Program,” which focused on providing opportunities to underserved youth living in high-risk communities throughout Ohio. For the next 25 years, he uses the golf course as a classroom, concurrently teaching them the sport and about life’s key principles, including: positive character traits, academic excellence, value of personal integrity, self-discipline and the importance of teamwork. 

In 2001, Gerry established “First Tee of Columbus,” which attracted both diversity in student participants and caught the attention of corporate sponsors. His club was awarded the Coca-Cola Tiger Woods Golf Clinic, which generated $250,000. 

By 2008, he established and continues to operate the Hammond Golf Academy (HGA). Gerry raised $6 million in programming and college scholarships for over 80 students who matriculated through the HGA. His students have collectively secured over 315 wins ranging from junior, collegiate and the professional golf ranks. Youth coming through the Hammond Golf Academy have a 100% high school graduation rate and a 99.5% college graduation rate. 

To date, Gerry owns and operates the HGA and the Hammond Golf Group, which offers 30 years of golf course management expertise and consultation to clients nationwide.

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur with community service at heart, Gerry felt compelled to do more.

Gerry channeled his multihyphenate talents into charitable and philanthropic causes in addition to his business enterprises. In 2012, he envisioned global communities uniting as one to hold each other accountable for making the world a better place.

The Be Counted Foundation (BCF) is pursuing partnerships with cities across the nation and around the world in an effort to create an impenetrable force of solidarity. Understanding the principle that there is strength in numbers, BCF has augmented its reach and promoted its reputation by designing a community action model geared towards empowering young people living in and under vulnerable conditions. “Rise to the challenge. Earn your number.”

In The Number (ITN) is the catalyst for advancing BCF’s efforts to secure the commitment from participants that confirms that they will be counted and their community can count on them. Additionally, ITN is connecting with a variety of public and private enterprises, organizations and celebrities interested in joining the fast-evolving diverse ecosystem of advocates. This mutually beneficial opportunity will allow them to engage with junior and high school-aged students as either an ambassador or mentor. 

To that end, Promise 51 became its cornerstone pledge to invest 51% of net profits from sales of branded apparel to global non-profit organizations working in education, disaster relief, health and human rights. 

For Gerry, unity is the goal, compassion is the guidance and respect for the rights of global citizens is the gift.

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John Gerber, PGA

John works with many types of players from Tour Players to beginners to maximize the enjoyment and knowledge of the game.  His vast knowledge of the full swing and short has been developed through 30 years of teaching experience.  


As the Teaching Professional at Wedgewood Golf and Country Club in Powell, Ohio, the Director of Instruction at TPC Eagle Trace in Coral Springs, Florida and the Lead Instructor at Highlands Performance GC in Dallas, Texas, he has honed his teaching skills under the tutelage of such great instructors such as David Leadbetter, Jim McLean and Brian Mogg.


John is an accomplished player having been a member of the European Challenge Tour and PGA Tour Latin American from 2002-2004.  He has competed in over 30 national opens and over 200 PGA events on a local and national level.  


John is the host of the nationally broadcasted Podcast FROM THE ROUGH on the Fan Stream Sports channel and is a frequent guest on ESPN local markets highlighting golf handicapping.  He is also a writer and on course reporter for Golf Central Magazine.

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Ryan Menafee

Ryan Menafee, PGA Apprentice at The Golf Depot since 2017 teaching golf at all levels.  I began my journey with golf at the age of 11 when I became a member of The First Tee of Columbus under the instruction of Gerry Hammond.   During my involvement with the First Tee, I knew I wanted to make golf a part of my life for the long-haul and to make it my career. Throughout my teenage years I became a decorated junior golfer while participating in the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) golf tournaments, and a variety of other Junior Golf Tournaments throughout the United States.  I was on the Varsity Golf Team while attending Bexley High School and played collegiate golf at Wright State University.  I have played in several professional golf events and utilize my professional golf experience when holding Golf Clinics and Camps, as well as serving as a Golf Coach for the Bexley High School Lyons State Champion winning golf team, and my current role as Golf Coach for the Bexley Lyons, Middle School golf team. I am also a Callaway Certified Golf Club Fitter. The game of golf brings me joy which allows me to produce good golfers, and form life long bonds with the students that I coach and teach both on and off the course.


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Cy Chambers

Cy Chambers has been in the golf industry for over 15 years. Cy himself did not pick up golf until he was 20 years old. He took lessons from a variety of professionals, but it was when he found Gerry Hammond where his love and passion to teach the game truly connected.

Cy started his career with golf in The First Tee. He utilized this opportunity to bring together young players of the game to share his knowledge and experience with The First Tee’s participants. Eventually, Cy turned his focus to private lessons while continuing to expand his knowledge of the golf swing by networking with other golf professionals.

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Bryce Twente

My passion for golf began at a young age. As soon as I was old enough, I had a club in my hand and my love for the game began! I played tournaments year round through high school all around the Midwest. I attended The University of Akron graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science.

I specialize in proper body movement, including injury prevention, evaluation, and training techniques specific to your golf game. As a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Professional, I analyze how your body moves and correct any imbalances I identify. As a SuperSpeed Golf Coach, I train you to add distance to every club in your bag. As a PGA Associate, I empower you to better feel your body within your golf swing, allowing for efficient golf swing development.

I’m here to build your body and your swing!

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