Hammond Golf Academy 2023 Golf Programs Schools

Life is a gift and so is Golf! The Hammond Golf Academy will help you enjoy your gift! Taught by our certified PGA and LPGA instructors led by Gerry Hammond, Central Ohio’s top teaching professional, we will give you the skills and knowledge to Break 100, 90, 80 or 70. Our staff trains tour professionals, top collegiate golfers as well as top ranked junior golfers. Players of all skill levels have enjoyed the consistent instruction of our team of experts. If you have not had results from instruction before, you will now!

Each program is designed to give you the tools necessary to create lasting improvement and enjoy the game more regardless of your current ability level. These programs offer a fun and affordable way to learn the game in a relaxed atmosphere.

Within all of our programs we create an integrated learning environment that focuses not only on the mechanics of the golf swing, but also the mental and physical components that are essential for optimal performance and enjoyment of the game. Unlike most group programs we tailor our coaching to meet the needs of each individual.

“The Apprentice”: $499 per Student

This affordable 3 day golf school is designed to welcome the new golfer to the game in a fun, non-intimidating environment. Emphasis will be placed on helping students to discover the basic tools required to play the game and enjoy their time on the golf course. Topics will cover basic golf technique, equipment, rules, and etiquette. The final day of each session will be conducted on the Par 3 Course allowing you to start the transition from practicing to playing. This program will also introduce the concept of self-discovery and experiential learning to students as a more effective and fun way to learn. Come on your own or bring your spouse or a friend and learn the game to last a lifetime!

“ The Scoring Zone”: $425 per Student

This 2 day short school offers comprehensive golf instruction on all the critical shots from inside 120 yards. Research by the PGA Tour, and others has shown that over 65% of all golf shots are played inside 120 yards. Our Short Game Schools are staffed by PGA professionals specializing in scoring zone instruction.

For medium to low handicap players strengthening you short game is difference between 92 to 81 and 76 to 69. For average golfers, improving your short game will help you lower your average score almost immediately!

“ High Ranking Officials”: $375 per Student

Is our two day golf school for senior golfers, designed to enhance and develop sound technique while strengthen areas of weakness relative to senior golfers. We aim high for longevity and more enjoyment of the game.

“ The Alpha and Omega”: $425 per Student

This 2 day and “only 3 club” school is a fun and cliff note designed school to help golfers learn how to start and finish strong. We’ve all heard the expression and know that every golfer would like to “drive for show but also putt for dough”

“Ladies First”: $499 per Student

This 3 day women only golf school was designed with the women’s perspective in mind. You will be teamed up with instructors whose focus is teaching women about the game of golf. Whether you are an executive, a recreational player or an entry level student this school provides a fun and non-intimidating environment for women to learn and improve at golf. chivalry

“Players Choice”: $399 per Student

This school is for the lower handicap golfer, specifically players with a handicap of 12 or lower. Being grouped with players of more advanced skill, you spend less time on the basic fundamentals and more time learning to refine your golf skills. You’ll work on and improve your scoring around the green, shot making and course strategy. Students will spend time on video analysis enabling you to better understand your swing and your clubs but more importantly how to self-correct your swing and manage your game.

Hammond Golf Academy 2023 Golf Programs Clinics

“Corporate Fairways”: $115 per Student

How many times have you heard business deals are done on the golf course?

Has the boss asked you to play golf with a client or prospective business partner?

When was the last time you were asked to play in a golf outing?

The Corporate Fairways clinics are specifically designed for the today’s business men and women professionals. You will develop the professional skill and confidence to play golf with business associates. It is a great way to meet and engage with business counterparts but more so it’s a great way to learn a lifelong sport, take time for yourself and break up the monotony of the work week!

“The Hot Shot”: $100 per student

Is an accelerated and concentrated learning series on the golf swing only. In five weeks you will develop and own an eye-catching golf swing and become efficient at striking a golf ball! Not only will you play better golf but you will look good doing it!

“Supervised Practice”: $15 per person

 Is an affordable and convenient way to learn golf. As one of our most sought after instructional programs, supervised practice will allow you to learn, gain insight and practice like a pro! Offered 3 times a week throughout the summer and covering different areas of the game, you will learn what and how to practice.

“A Touch of Class” : $75 per student

Is a unique, fun and great way to tailor your time, money and improvement towards golf. This clinic was primarily designed for businesses and their clients and coaches and their teams but can also be a great way for family and friends to enjoy their time while improving at your game.

“InTheNumber”: $200 per student

It’s a numbers game! Find yours? This program touches every club in the bag with an in depth look at the golfers ( club speed, club path, face angle, distances per club, etc). We use Trackman technology to identify and help players hone in on the vital characteristics and understanding to playing better golf. This program often exposes issues with swing technique and club issues. Don’t be left out, Get InTheNumber!

Hammond Golf Academy 2023 Golf Programs Junior Golf

“The Prodigy”: $695

Is designed to bring out the best inside of every junior golfer! Although fun, the Prodigy Golf School is thorough and can be intense at times. We will instill discipline, skill, knowledge and instinct to becoming a top level junior golfer. By providing students access to the best coaches, sports psychologist, Trackman and innovative golf training techniques, this school gives junior golfers the tools they need to approach the game with a sound mind and confident game.

“The Prelude”: $250 Full-day/ $150 Half day

Is our “opener” instructional camp for junior golfers. Over spring break we will help junior golfers brush up on their fundamentals and mechanics and prep them for a fun, exciting and rewarding golf season. Get a head start on the season and your competition!

“The Construct’s”: $85

Is the building block of our next generation and top level junior golfers. These clinics are designed to be fun while laying the foundation to help build strong, respectful and confident young individuals. Junior golfers will develop sound fundamentals and mechanics for both golf and life. Following each clinic instructors will impart positive values inherent in the game of golf to life!

“The Mentor”: $35/9holes- $60/18holes

Is the very essence of golf at its finest! Junior golfers will be mentored by Division I, II and III college golfers as they hit the links together. They will learn lessons relative to proper practice and course management. Along with gaining insight into the world of a college golfer, this “pay it forward” program is everything from fun and exciting to real and profound! It’s where enduring relationships are formed with young men and women, families and kids. It’s truly one of the best!